Gun Control and Public Safety

There is nothing in current or proposed gun control laws that will stop criminals from getting, carrying, or using guns of any sort. This is because criminals don't obey the law.

I assert that Maryland gun laws are already overly restrictive and put the public's safety at risk.

I care very much about public safety. I want my wife, children, grandchildren, and everyone safe from becoming a victim of gun crime.

A gun-free zone is an invitation for lunatics to kill people; conversely one of the best deterrents of mass shootings is to allow law-abiding citizens to carry a firearm. Public safety would be improved if law abiding citizens are allowed to carry legally.

Obtaining a carry permit in MD is not possible under current Maryland law (for most citizens).

I've been disabled since 2001 due to chemotherapy.

  • I can't fight off an intruder and I can't run away;

  • A handgun would be my only capacity for self defense if needed;

  • I not only want to own a handgun; I want to be allowed to carry one for my safety and the safety of others.

Gun control disarms law abiding citizens, such as myself, making them easier targets;
Gun control puts the entire general public at risk of an assault by a lunatic.

Calling the police is not a realistic solution. This is because a criminal who is 3 seconds away can't be stopped by the police even if they are just 30 seconds away. In such a situation, self defense is usually the only viable option.

I respect our police and Sherriff departments and acknowledge the difficult job they have to do -
but it is evident from recent incidents - that we have no real protection against mass shootings or a sudden, violent attack while honest citizens go unarmed.

Aurora Colorado, Columbine Colorado, Newtown Connecticut, Virginia Tech Virginia, San Bernardino California, Charlestown South Carolina, Fort Hood Virginia, Washington Navy Yard, Paris France, Brussels Belgium, Ottawa Canada, and many other massacres - ALL these tragedies occurred in strict gun-free zones. Just one law abiding citizen with a carry permit carrying a firearm might have stopped the lunatics that open fired on innocent people. I'm convinced of this.

Gun Free Zone:
Public safety warning;
Invitation to criminals

I've survived an aggressive form of cancer, bone marrow transplant, and more; I want to survive - but Maryland gun laws are forcing everyone in Maryland to be potential victims. I don't want to be a victim!

My handicap placard shows people that I am disabled.

This design (right) shows criminals that we lost our ability to defend ourselves and protect others. We are forcibly disabled by the state and we advertise to criminals that we have all become gun-free potential victims. Maryland citizens currently wear this placard every time they go out in public.

Criminals will obtain and use guns in spite of gun laws. Gun control won't work - until criminals start obeying the law.

I'm as concerned about the safety of our children as anyone else who wants more gun control laws. The difference is that I'm not afraid of guns; I know that they are necessary to protect against the tyranny of criminals.

Current legislation encourages criminals to commit violent crimes (gun free zones) and it prevents honest citizens from protecting themselves and others who cannot defend themselves.

We can improve public safety by facilitating legal firearm carry by law abiding citizens.

Let us help. Not all gun owners are criminals or lunatics. Please stop treating us like we are.

gun free victim disability placard

potential victim
disability placard

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